Adding Professional Services to a product oriented business

Starting a services based business, to complement a product based business, can make good business sense. The products are well understood, the in-house product expertise is often not fully utilised, and customers make high (and costly) service demands for poorly implemented products.

By selling implementation services, a company can leverage highly knowledgeable staff, improve customer satisfaction and add revenue.

But building a services business in a product oriented environment is not as straightforward as it first seem. Starting such a business without understanding all of the implications and hidden costs is dangerous and can ultimately threaten the future of the core product business.

This service enables a business manager to investigate the benefits and plan for the new business with the benefit of experience.

It provides a structured approach to building or confirming the business case, evaluates the implementation plan (building one from scratch if necessary), looks at the potential ROI and cashflow projections, resourcing and staffing issues, evaluates the services portfolio and the sales & marketing capability.

The service evaluates current capabilities and makes recommendations for training and/or recruitment needs.

Gaining control of a troubled IT Project / Programme

Many IT projects (large and small) run into difficulties. Dei Lucrii have many years experience of managing IT projects to a successful conclusion and will guide your project back to a stable position.

Through a tried and trusted approach working with all project stakeholders, we will identify the failing elements of the project and propose (and implement) the changes necessary to get back on track.

Every aspect of the project will be evaluated and an overall action plan agreed and implemented. We will provide professional IT Project Managers to work with your own team, providing the level of support you need to regain control. This can range from coaching and mentoring your existing team, to the provision of a full project team with a Project Management Office (PMO) to back them up.

A key element of the service is early value extraction, whereby we will look for opportunities to return business value, as soon as possible, through a combination of hitting payment milestones, contract resets, restructuring deals and cost efficiencies.

Gaining control of a troubled Professional Services Business

With years of experience gained in large and small Professional Service business environments, in the UK and around the world, Dei Lucrii are your ideal partner to diagnose a troubled PS business and define the steps necessary to move forward to a stable future.

Whether the business is standalone, or embedded within a larger organization, Dei Lucrii have experienced business managers who will quickly identify areas that need attention, and work with the existing management team to develop a strategy, and action plan to resolve the issues.

A typical engagement will begin with Dei Lucrii reviewing the expectations and current forecasts for the business, reviewing the current order book and assignments, to establish the current business baseline. We will then look at the operations side of the business and investigate profitability, review the sales side and investigate revenue and growth potential, and look at financial and commercial processes and controls. After a thorough review of the business fundamentals, we will look at the governance model and make recommendations to ensure that the business remains on-track moving forward.

Healthcheck Services

Any Professional Services business needs to constantly review its performance and benchmark itself against its competitors. Even an internal service provider needs to be able to demonstrate value and remain competitive when compared against external competition.

Dei Lucrii will provide an objective evaluation of your projects, programmes or business as a whole, and provide the information needed to assess performance, together with an action plan to address the key issues.

The services offered map onto the key requirements of most Professional Services businesses:

  • Quick checks – This service provides a fast overview of a project. It results in an objective score of each of the key elements of the project which are fed into a balanced scorecard.
  • Deep Checks – This service provides a much more intense review of a project. Each element is examined in detail and the findings are fed into a balanced scorecard.
  • Management reports – This service looks at the current management reporting capability, recommends improvements and then develops new reports to implement the recommendations.
  • Work-Off plans – All healthcheck services will result in the production of work-off plans to bring the elements highlighted back into control.

PMO-in-a-Box Services

Key to the success of a Professional Services business, is the Project Management Office (PMO) which contains all of the controls, methodologies, processes and procedures which ensure that projects are managed consistently to a successful conclusion.

Development of the PMO material is time consuming, costly, and takes a great deal of experience. PMO-in-a-Box is a service from Dei-Lucrii that cuts through the time taken to set up and implement a PMO by providing everything needed to get a PMO up and running, quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The following items are covered as standard:

  • Planning
  • Project Management & Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Resource Management
  • Management Reporting

Using PMO-in-a-Box enables a business to acquire a professional PMO capability, quickly and effectively.

Project Rescue Services

A high proportion of IT projects fail. They fail to produce the required benefits, they fail to complete on time, they fail to complete within budget, or they fail in a combination of ways.

Projects fail for a variety of reasons and can usually be brought back to a successful conclusion through the application of good project principles by an experienced senior Project Manager.

Dei Lucrii have the methods, the rigour and the experience to bring your project back on track. A typical engagement will go through the following steps:

  • Investigation
  • Analysis
  • Action Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Manage to complete or handback

IT Professional Services Management

With over 25 years of experience Dei Lucrii can provide a safe pair of hands to manage your Professional Services Business. This may be to cover for an existing Manager who is unavailable through illness or has taken a sabbatical etc., to cover for the period until a new Manager can be identified and hired.

Whatever the reason, rather than place the business at risk, Dei Lucrii can provide an experienced Manager to drive the business throughout the required period.

This is often useful when a business is undergoing significant change, Dei Lucrii can manage the business through the change and then handover the transformed business to a new manager.

Bid Management

IT Professional Services sales can place heavy demands on a stretched services organization. All too often we see a well run business move into difficulties as a result of chasing a ‘big deal’.

Typically, the most successful sales team is diverted to pursue a big deal, dragging more and more of the company’s resources behind it. This leaves a group of disgruntled customers, who were used to being served by the ‘A’ team, and the deal is being managed by a team who are outside of their comfort zone. The usual flow of sales is interrupted, and if the ‘big deal’ isn’t won, a hole appears in the order book.

Dei Lucrii can provide expertise and resources and manage the bid on your behalf, freeing up your teams to ensure the usual flow of sales is not interrupted. Through communications, coaching and mentoring sessions, your team can be fully aware of the deal, the techniques used to progress it and can be seen by the customer as the people driving the deal.

Through using an appropriate bid management approach you will also maximise the chance of success and minimize the distraction to your team.

IT Project & Programme Management

At the core of Dei Lucrii is a body of highly capable IT Project & Programme managers. Whether you are looking for some help to manage a small IT project, or looking to implement a Project capability within your organization, we can provide the support you need to make your IT Projects successful.