Bid Management

IT Professional Services sales can place heavy demands on a stretched services organization. All too often we see a well run business move into difficulties as a result of chasing a ‘big deal’.

Typically, the most successful sales team is diverted to pursue a big deal, dragging more and more of the company’s resources behind it. This leaves a group of disgruntled customers, who were used to being served by the ‘A’ team, and the deal is being managed by a team who are outside of their comfort zone. The usual flow of sales is interrupted, and if the ‘big deal’ isn’t won, a hole appears in the order book.

Dei Lucrii can provide expertise and resources and manage the bid on your behalf, freeing up your teams to ensure the usual flow of sales is not interrupted. Through communications, coaching and mentoring sessions, your team can be fully aware of the deal, the techniques used to progress it and can be seen by the customer as the people driving the deal.

Through using an appropriate bid management approach you will also maximise the chance of success and minimize the distraction to your team.

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