Governance Services

Dei Lucrii Project and Programme Governance Services enable client management to gain confidence that a project or programme is being run in an environment that supports it, measures it objectively, and provides sufficient management information to allow the appropriate level of control.

The Project Governance Services ensure that a project has the following:

  • A compelling business case, stating the objects of the project and specifying the in-scope and out-of-scope aspects
  • A mechanism to assess the compliance of the completed project to its original objectives
  • Identifying all stakeholders with an interest in the project
  • A defined method of communication to each stakeholder
  • A set of business-level requirements as agreed by all stakeholders
  • An agreed specification for the project deliverables
  • The appointment of a project manager
  • Clear assignment of project roles and responsibilities
  • A current, published project plan that spans all project stages from project initiation through development to the transition to operations
  • A system of accurate upward status and progress reporting including time records
  • A central document repository for the project
  • A centrally-held glossary of project terms
  • A process for the management and resolution of issues that arise during the project
  • A process for the recording and communication of risks identified during the project
  • A standard for quality review of the key governance documents and of the project deliverables

Beyond this, Dei Lucrii provides ongoing coaching or mentoring to your project management team to help them execute any corrective plan and to drive the project or programme to the required level of compliance.

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