Healthcheck Services

Any Professional Services business needs to constantly review its performance and benchmark itself against its competitors. Even an internal service provider needs to be able to demonstrate value and remain competitive when compared against external competition.

Dei Lucrii will provide an objective evaluation of your projects, programmes or business as a whole, and provide the information needed to assess performance, together with an action plan to address the key issues.

The services offered map onto the key requirements of most Professional Services businesses:

  • Quick checks This service provides a fast overview of a project. It results in an objective score of each of the key elements of the project which are fed into a balanced scorecard.
  • Deep Checks This service provides a much more intense review of a project. Each element is examined in detail and the findings are fed into a balanced scorecard.
  • Management reports This service looks at the current management reporting capability, recommends improvements and then develops new reports to implement the recommendations.
  • Work-Off plans All healthcheck services will result in the production of work-off plans to bring the elements highlighted back into control.

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