Adding Professional Services to a product oriented business

Starting a services based business, to complement a product based business, can make good business sense. The products are well understood, the in-house product expertise is often not fully utilised, and customers make high (and costly) service demands for poorly implemented products.

By selling implementation services, a company can leverage highly knowledgeable staff, improve customer satisfaction and add revenue.

But building a services business in a product oriented environment is not as straightforward as it first seem. Starting such a business without understanding all of the implications and hidden costs is dangerous and can ultimately threaten the future of the core product business.

This service enables a business manager to investigate the benefits and plan for the new business with the benefit of experience.

It provides a structured approach to building or confirming the business case, evaluates the implementation plan (building one from scratch if necessary), looks at the potential ROI and cashflow projections, resourcing and staffing issues, evaluates the services portfolio and the sales & marketing capability.

The service evaluates current capabilities and makes recommendations for training and/or recruitment needs.

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