Controlled Progress Workshop

Once a project is underway and resources have been committed, the project management team must focus on delivery within the tolerance laid down. All too often a project begins to lose its way as the Project Manager is dragged into the detail of chasing specific issues and control of the project gradually slips away.

A Controlled Progress Workshop ensures that your project is continuing on the path to success. The workshop is lead by an experienced Project Manager, who will work with the project team to ensure all of the rigour built into the project during the controlled startup, is being used and maintained.

A Controlled Progress Wokshop will check on the operation of the following elements:

  • Authorising work
  • Confirming work completion
  • Capturing progress information
  • Reviewing progress, quality work, issues and risk status
  • Capturing and logging issues
  • Reporting progress
  • Escalating problems
  • Taking corrective action

Beyond this Dei Lucrii provides ongoing coaching or mentoring to your project management team to help them execute the corrective plan.

A Controlled Project Progress Workshop makes sure the Project Manager is continuing to do the right things rather than simply chasing milestones. It uses the effective processes defined during startup and the necessary supporting environment to maximise the chances of your projectís success.

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