Gaining control of a troubled Professional Services Business

With years of experience gained in large and small Professional Service business environments, in the UK and around the world, Dei Lucrii are your ideal partner to diagnose a troubled PS business and define the steps necessary to move forward to a stable future.

Whether the business is standalone, or embedded within a larger organization, Dei Lucrii have experienced business managers who will quickly identify areas that need attention, and work with the existing management team to develop a strategy, and action plan to resolve the issues.

A typical engagement will begin with Dei Lucrii reviewing the expectations and current forecasts for the business, reviewing the current order book and assignments, to establish the current business baseline. We will then look at the operations side of the business and investigate profitability, review the sales side and investigate revenue and growth potential, and look at financial and commercial processes and controls. After a thorough review of the business fundamentals, we will look at the governance model and make recommendations to ensure that the business remains on-track moving forward.

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