Controlled Startup Workshop

A project is at its most vulnerable during the startup and initiation phase(s) and the decisions made during this period will significantly shape its success or failure. When reviewing troubled projects and programmes, many critical issues have their roots in inadequate initiation.

A Controlled Startup Workshop ensures that your project has the best possible start. The workshop is lead by an experienced Project Manager, who will guide the project team through a series of exercises to ensure all of the requirements for a successful project startup have been met.

A Controlled Startup Wokshop will:

  • Draw on practical experience of setting up successful projects
  • Test critical assumptions early in a projectís lifecycle
  • Validate the effectiveness of governance structures & stakeholder engagement
  • Identify weaknesses in a projectís infrastructure
  • Deliver a detailed corrective action plan

Beyond this Dei Lucrii provides ongoing coaching or mentoring to your project management team to help them execute the corrective plan.

A controlled project startup ensures that you do the right things rather than get trapped into chasing milestones. It establishes effective processes and the necessary supporting environment to ensure your projectís ultimate success.

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