In today's fast moving business world, priorities change at breakneck speed and businesses need to respond to changing conditions quickly, just to survive.

Dei Lucrii provide Project, Programme and IT Management services to large and small businesses across a range of business sectors. Our consultants are highly experienced and bring you the skills and experience you need, when you need them.

Working with Dei Lucrii helps to make sure you can focus on your key priorities by providing support where and when you need it most. Whether you need advice and guidance, an extra pair of [experienced] hands, or a fast stand-in for someone who has been taken ill or left unexpectedly, we have the skills you need, when you need them.

Our services cover the range of project management needs and include project phase workshops (Controlled Startup, Controlled Progress, Controlled Closedown), project and programme assurance services, governance services, project rescue and the provision of experienced and certified professional project staff on short and longer term assignments.

Through leveraging Dei Lucrii's investment in project management skills and infrastructure, you can deliver successful projects, without adding the overheads of a dedicated professional project environment to your own business.

Use us to provide the skills and experience you don't have available, or to support your own team in times of high demand.

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